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Contemporary Fine Art by Laelanie Larach

Contemporary Fine Art by Laelanie Larach.

Laelanie Larach was born in the Republic of Honduras, a beautiful country in Central America with seacoasts on the Caribbean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. The country has three major and dramatic topographical regions. To the east are the tropical Caribbean lowlands with jungles, lagoons, mangroves, and the vast sandy beaches and islands of the Mosquito Coast. In the center of the country is a large interior plateau with rolling hills and the Sierra Madre Mountains, crossed by a number of rivers, each with its own beauty and character. And to the west are the Pacific lowlands surrounding the Gulf of Fonseca opening to the Pacific Ocean.

Each one of Laelanie’s paintings is unique. Her signature works use vibrant colors and concepts. Throughout her body of work one can see recurring themes drawn from her early experiences in Honduras, including aspects of her inner thoughts and emotions. She has said that she feels truly alive and in tune with nature when she is painting. Her work spans various schools of art, from the abstract to detailed realism.

Contemporary Fine Art by Laelanie Larach

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