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Contemporary Goddesses | Sonalika Vakili

Contemporary Goddesses | Sonalika Vakili

This series is showing my hybridized world through my body at different places that I have traveled, actually my self portrait in landscape even sacred places throughout the history of goddesses painting between 18-19 century among the women of daily life in William Adolphe Bouguereau and John William Godward paintings, far from any archetypal sign or ancient religious icon in my appearance to show that where I came from, so l stitched goddesses portrait in to my figures in order to create my dream world because believe that the goddesses images are symbol of independence ,beauty and power and a body in a landscape that has been associated with ideas of freedom, personal, sexual or political.

Contemporary Goddesses | Sonalika Vakili Contemporary Goddesses | Sonalika Vakili

Sonalika Vakili,Born In Tehran,Iran 1985

Bachelor Of Photography From Art University Of Tehran 2008

-Participant In Group Exhibition In “Lalleh Gallery”Tehran 2009.

-Final Candidate(Short List ) For The Grand Prize Of The “LICC” Show In 2011 London,With Her “Interaction With Cindy Sherman” Work.

-Honorable Mention(Pro) For The Grand Prize ‘IPA’ On 2013 .

_Foad Festival Photography “Group Exhibition ” at Iranian Artists forum on 2014 .

_ Gothenburg International Poetry Festival 2015.

 -Participant In Group Exhibition In “Mohsen Gallery ” 2016.

-Honorable Mention Pro For The Grand Prize ‘IPA’ 2016.



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