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Contemporary modernist painter, İstanbul- Turkey

 Contemporary modernist painter, İstanbul- Turkey.

            He brought up in cultured atmosphere and showed a passion and a skill for drawing from an early age. His artistic output has been becoming more expressive with his spiritual richness which is grown in West and East synthesis in İstanbul. His paintings are described as color, shape and form combination in abstract style of his own artistic world.
            He established 25 solo exhibitions. He continues his work in his art gallery, Şişli- İstanbul
I come to terms with my body, part with it; then persuade my soul and take my place in front of the canvas. I set free all the spirits and ghosts captured within. This is a place where there is improvisation instead of composition, chaos instead of order; meaninglessness  prevails against meanings. I find myself in a virtual heaven when painting and as the smell of paint applied so delightfully returns to me as a delicious poison, I come to think that my body is struck with it but my soul is nourished with art. And when my soul and body finally unite again, I wake up from this colorful dream.