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Contemporary textural artist with an ever changing collection of artwork

“I revel in the prospect of the paint surprising me yet again”

Caroline Ashwood is a highly established and regarded contemporary, textural artist with an ever-changing collection of abstract art for sale. Specialising in affordable large scale art, her works are characterized by deep, spontaneous texture, rivulets of colour meandering over layers of blended wash and rich hues blending seamlessly into each other.  Read More →


Lavender Fields

Large abstract floral artwork

Voyage mintcubes lejardin (2) dollymixture norfolkshorecrop lagoon landscapemosaic

Sunset Sea

Sunset landscape artwork

Landscape Mosaic

Mosaic style landscape artwork


Seascape artwork

In Full Bloom

Floral abstract artwork


Summer Peony

Large flower canvas

Le jardin

large garden painting inspired by poetry.

Majestic Mosaic

Huge 60×48″ artwork

Marmalade Skies

Vivid landscape