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Contour | pen on paper + photography

This picture is a merging of a “mirrored” section of a pen on paper drawing and photography.

I took the photo on a very small, very beautiful and often overlooked island in Donegal called Inis Bó Finne, which I love to visit in the summer.

A truly magical and unspoilt place.

I made the drawing roughly around the same time as the photo was taken and it was the first time I had superimposed my ink work with a photo. I also “mirrored” the photo producing a symmetrical landscape which bleeds through the abstract pen work.

I really enjoyed the process and was happy with the result.





“Untitled Flight” This is an ink on paper drawing, I incorporated a study of Jimi Hendrix’s eyes and a stylised study of a swallow. Two topics of fascination for me. I became an almost obsessed fan of Jimi Hendrix’s music at the age of 16 and listened to him alot, finding his music and message very inspiring as an artist. When my mother told me as a child that the nesting birds close to our house had flew all the way from Africa to Ireland I was amazed and still am, that such as small bird could make such an epic journey sucessfully. Proof of the seemingly impossible becoming reality. Something I like to remind myself at times when life seems like a struggle.