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Corso Zundert Flower Parade

Bloemencorso Zundert is the largest flower parade in the world entirely made by volunteers.

The parade takes place on the first Sunday of September. The floats are large artworks made of steel wire, cardboard, papier-mâché and flowers. In the Bloemencorso Zundert, only dahlias are used to decorate the objects and it takes thousands of them just to cover one float.

The huge floats are made by twenty different hamlets and each of them consists of hundreds of builders, aged 1 to 100, who are all equally crazy about the bloemencorso. The older members of the hamlet are often responsible for planting and growing the dahlias, while the younger ones build the float in large temporary tents that are built exclusively for the event.

The bloemencorso is also a competition. A professional and independent jury decides which float is the most beautiful and which hamlet will be crowned the winner of that year.

The renowned Corso Zundert parade made its way through the streets of Zundert, Netherlands. Giant floats adorned with hundreds of thousands of dahlia flowers were welcomed by an eager crowd, who witnessed the incredible work of 19 design teams.

aparade_ErwinMartensPhoto credit: Erwin Martens
aparade_ErwinMartens2photo credit: Werner Pellis aparade_ErwinMartens3Photo credit: Erwin Martens
aparade_ErwinMartens4Photo credit: Erwin Martens aparade_MALOU_EVERS2Photo credit: Malou Evers aparade_MALOUEVERSPhoto credit: Erwin Martens aparade_WernerPellisPhoto credit: Werner Pellis aparade_WernerPellis2photo credit: Werner Pellis aparade_WernerPellis3photo credit: Werner Pellis aparade_WernerPellis4photo credit: Werner Pellis parade_erwin_Martens2Photo credit: Erwin Martens parade_erwin_Martens3Photo credit: Erwin Martens parade_Werner_Pellisphoto credit: Werner Pellis parade_Werner_Pellis_2photo credit: Werner Pellis


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