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Cosmogony of Dogons

Dogons are the African tribe living at the territories of Mali and Burkina Faso.

I was interested in their unusual vision of the world and the Cosmogony of Dogons. At first sight, the Dogon’s life is simple and it is practically primitive. They live in desert area with the most severe nature. They remember that they were from Sirius and never lose connection with it. Their knowledge of science is amazing. Probably, refusal of external comfort and a life in desert area promotes consciousness of this body and this planet as a temporary house for eternal souls. All mankind in the New epoch should come to space consciousness. But whether we can – civilization buried in purchase and consumption of material benefits – to feel ourselves as the beings of eternal space circulation?

The first artwork of this series is also my first experience in painting with fluorescent pigments. The Great Deity of Sirius and Dogons, Amma, is shown here on background, holding with power of His thought all parts of Sirius star system and all four elements of Sirius – air, fire, water and ether. Amma is painted with fluorescent pigments and become visible in black light. Here are photos on which you could witness this effect.

The Great Amma

The Great Amma. Photo in usual light

The Great Amma

The Great Amma. Photo in black light

The Great Amma

The Great Amma. Photo in usual and black light

Dogon’s cosmogony is of great interest for ethnographers and astronomers. Their cosmogony myths are called ‘pale fox’, and are told in the Sigi-so language, known only by those who are initiated. Dogons consider that their ancestors came from Sirius and follow the calendar which corresponds to this star 50 year’s long spinning cycle. Their knowledge in Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry though is expressed in symbols is often ahead of modern science achievements. It is known to Dogons long-ago that Sirius consists of three stars and a satellite planet. The period of Po-Tolo (Sirius B) turn around Sigi-toglo (Sirius A) is 50 terrestrial years. Po-tolo is very heavy that is why it changes Sigi-tolo movement, which follows an irregular curve. Because of this movement scientists have found Po-tolo or Sirius B quite recently. In scientific world there are still disputes about the Sirius C existence called by Dogons Emme-ya-tolo with Nyan-tolo satellite. At the picture you can see the movement of arranged in line all Sirius star system elements which is represented symbolically by the shape of the ‘pale fox’.

Mysterious Sigi-Tolo

Mysterious Sigi-Tolo containing Po in the shape of a Pale fox

In cosmogony myths of African tribe of dogons, it is told about the confidant of Great Аmma – the Supreme deity of the dogons – which has taken possession of a part of His knowledge and has assumed that he is wiser than Amma itself, and has revolted. Ogo wanted to become the same deity as Amma and shoot out from Sirius to Cosmos to found his own system. He started cosmic flight three times, for the first time Amma turned Oga’s ship into the Earth. For the second time Ogo moved on the ship impelled by the ‘wind canned into Po seeds’. Afterwards Ogo entered the Earth and now exists as the energy inside our planet.


Оgо has left Sigi-tolo without permission and entered Earth

Amma – the Great god of Dogon and Sirius – put under care of first man Nommo to populate Earth on a ship which contains everything existing on the earth. He was cycling for ‘eight periods’ across the sky from east to west bending sometimes to north sometimes to south occupying all sky as a rainbow girding the Earth. That is how he entered into ‘happy marriage’ with the Earth. The Sirius – Sigi-tolo energy is blue and silver, the Sun energy is yellow and gold. The picture shows the process of energy exchange between the Sirius and the Earth with the help of the Sun and Nommo ship.

Nommo's ship

Nommo’s ship entering into happy marriage with the earth