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Counterflow // Photo Series


Breaking rules bothers. Crowds tend to do whatever everyone else is doing. If everybody do something on the same way, why would an individual think he is so special that he could follow a path of his own?

Every single person has its individualities though. Specific characteristics of its own personality, so that being an average person could be good, but not excellent. Finding an own path, even if it feels wrong when comparing to others, could be a course with more self respect at least.

To remind himself that every journey should be immune to comparisons like that, the visual artist Mauro Martins made the Counterflow photo series, which uses digital photography to materialize the concept of following a path of his own in contrast with a world that has way to many paradigms.

The technique consists in photographing the same framing multiple times within a short period of time. Then, the crowd is combined in post production into a single image. It’s a photographic registry that relates space and time to reproduce the artist’s feeling about his life choices, which sometimes seem to struggle with the normal flow of things, if that exists.