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Crafts & Hands

This collection, illustrate how our work affects our body, how by working days after days our soul and physical form is shaped,

by looking at some we are able to say what is his/her profession and the biggest sign reside in the hands, the cracks and the form of our hands can tell so many thing about us and what we do for living. In Crafts & Hands, selective of Iranian craftsmen and women have been put to display, the main criteria for selection was crafts that are going to be forgotten and no one pays any attention to them.

Crafts&Hands 01 Crafts&Hands 02 Crafts&Hands 03 Crafts&Hands 04 Crafts&Hands 05 Crafts&Hands 06 Crafts&Hands 07 Crafts&Hands 08 Crafts&Hands 09 Crafts&Hands 10 Crafts&Hands 11 Crafts&Hands 12 Crafts&Hands 13 Crafts&Hands 14 Crafts&Hands 15 Crafts&Hands 16 Crafts&Hands 17 Crafts&Hands 18 Crafts&Hands 19 Crafts&Hands 20 Crafts&Hands 21