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Crater Spaces | Located in an extinct volcano in the Arizona desert

Set in a stage of geologic time, the Roden Crater’s chambers and tunnels create a music of the spheres by isolating and intensifying the light of the sun, moon, stars and planets.

It invites you to become an active participant in what you see and inspires you to have a deeply personal experience that connects you to the cosmos.

“Roden crater” is the culmination of artist James Turrell’s lifelong obsession with the contours of light and space. Located in an extinct volcano in the Arizona desert, Turrell’s large-scale project involves a series of specially engineered caverns, tunnels and apertures, all working to allow Turrell’s true medium (light) to shine through.

While the site isn’t currently open to the public, you can see some images of the site taken by Florian Holzherr below!










James Turrell’s Website

Florian Holzherr’s Website

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