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Crazy colored illustrations – an ode to the 90’s by Jeremy Combot

Jeremy Combot is a french illustrator living by the sea in Brittany.

His work could be defined as a mixture of crazy colors, fashion, pop culture, patterns and the 90’s.

Being a kid of the 90’s, he grow up around this cultural and artistic diversity. Jeremy is inspired by all these new mouvements of pop culture through crazy house music videos, MTV shows, sitcoms and US movies. On the fashion side, icons like Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell were seen as goddesses of styles. This is why he likes drawing powerful women. The 90’s has also this representation of global faux pas that Jeremy really loves.

Jeremy is a very traditional artist: he likes to feel the pen on the paper, the smell of the inks that he uses. Working on paper is a work of patience. From the first sketch to the final illustration, he makes his caracteres alive. Inking, coloring, erasing, he invents them from A to Z.

Jeremy works with the International Press, mainly independent magazines and websites. He also likes to collaborate with very talented artists from all around the world. His illustrations have recently been exhibited in Russia for the VII International Exhibition of Graphics and Fashion Illustration “Birth of costume” and also in Paris in a beauty institut (8e arrondissement).

Beside his work for the Fashion Industry, Jeremy has created a collection of stationery, mixing colors and fun words with a focus on details and graphic lines, which is sold in many boutiques in France and Switzerland.

You can see Jeremy’s work on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and  Cargo.

Marganne-jeremycombot ivy-jeremycombot Donna-jeremycombot Eddy-jeremycombot Olympia-jeremycombot Vivienne-jeremycombot Narcissus-Jeremycombot