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Creating actors

Creating forms is a way of making references to facts or people. My forms are my actors. I design them in order to play a specific role in the enviroment they are set in. 

“Teen paths”  // 100 x 80 cm – acrylic, marker, ink on canvas


Their weird form make them appear abnormal, but they only wear costumes. Even they feel to be unpleasant, their purposes are pure and sincere. They need to speak, to communicate with people. They are alive. 

Untitled  // 100 x 80 cm – acrylic, marker, colored ink on canvas


Untitled  // 100 x 100 cm – acrylic, marker, graphite on canvas


Ι believe i have not been the best director for them, but i still have many chances to improve the way they communicate with people. I need these playful colors to dress them and also create textures with my paintbrush, that can describe somehow, their important role in the scene.

“The visitors”  // 100 x 100 cm – acrylic, graphite, marker on canvas


I have been drawing these creatures since i was forteen years old and now, as a student of architecture, i think that some of these things have to be different. Any way, they still be representatives of my thoughts and i still need them to sort out my thinkings.

You can see more of my work in this link http://yiangou-andreas.webnode.gr/ 

Untitled  // 45 x 35 cm – colored ink on canvas





Untitled  // size A4 (21 x 28.4 cm) – acrylic, marker, ink on canvas


Untitled  // 100 x 80 cm – acrylic, marker, ink on canvas