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creative arts and advertising design by Corine Choi

creative arts and advertising design by Corine Choi.

Senior Designer Corine Choi, the Founder of Cor. C Design, has 14 years of experience in creative arts and advertising design. Corine was born in Hong Kong but spent her childhood in Macau. She finished her high school education in England, and later on engaged herself in a variety of Art and Design programs including graphic design, website design, ceramic and multimedia design.

creative arts and advertising design by Corine Choi

“Fish On Head”

drawing by Macau Artist Corine YC Choi. 2014


 After graduating from Vancouver Film School in 2002, Corine established herself as an all-round design professional working with various advertising companies, international hotels and gaming resorts in Hong Kong and Macau. Her areas of responsibility include corporate branding, marketing and promotion, event design and production, graphic and multimedia design, and website design and management.


Corine established her first designer brand – Cor. C Design in 2014, and launched a range of clothing and lifestyle products that features her exquisite and original Zentangle drawings. In 2017, she partners with another designer brand Teijo to release a brand new product line “ZenInspired”, once again featuring her very-own Zentangle drawings.



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