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Creative multiple exposure photographs

Confused Surrealism was my way out

My name is Piotr and I am a surreal portrait photographer. I was experimenting with portrait photography for a really long time and only recently I created something I was really connected to. This series is a story of being emotionally lost, disconnected but in the same time free and adventurous. It was a really difficult time for me and I think thous photos reflect my feelings. It felt like living in a bad dream. Sometimes terrifying nightmare you just want to end. At the same time I was trying to say to my self that it’s not so bad so I escaped in to mystic world of confused surrealism.

We all go through some difficult times in our lives. I am so glad I found photography as the way to express my self so I can share my story with you. The great thing about it, is that sometimes one picture can say more than a thousand words. Looks like for me the story just began…


Piotr Surreal Art-3Piotr Surreal Art-2 Piotr Surreal Art-4 Piotr Surreal Art-5 Piotr Surreal Art-6