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Cumbuca Chic’s handmade Ceramic Animal Planters

Cumbuca Chic’s handmade Ceramic Animal Planters

Sculpturing is an amazing art form which has been popular among the artist community since time immemorial but ceramic sculpturing is perhaps the toughest of the sculpturing but that doesnt stop some fantastic artists from producing eye catching pieces, The Sao Paulo artist and ceramicist Priscilla Ramos  creates the perfect ceramic capybara planter in the form of a very realistic and fine line of animals planters including rodent, foxes, anteaters and even whales.   She uses minute stoneware pieces which can be ideal for cacti and succulents.

Have a look at her shop Cumbuca Chic

cumbuca-1 cumbuca-4 cumbuca-5 cumbuca-7Via (Thisiscolossal.com)

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