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Cute Christmas Paper Decorations

I am so fancy of paper crafts because you can play with the colors in an amazing way. I called this editorial for LIVING Albania magazine “Pastel Nostalgia”, because I chose sweet tones of the colors to have a sweet set of decorations. It took me like a week or so to complete the total project.

The technique I used for these crafts is origami, one of the most popular paper techniques. You do not have to cut or use glue for the mayor part of the crafts, you just have to fold and this is a real fun.

Idea, crafts and styling: Gentian Minga / Photo credits: Armand Habazaj / Published on LIVING Albania magazine_AHP2071 _AHP2075 _AHP2090 _AHP2091 _AHP2105 _AHP2110 _AHP2112 _AHP2115 _AHP2117 _AHP2118 _AHP2132 _AHP2137 _AHP2155 _AHP2163 _AHP2165 _AHP2166 _AHP2167