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Dalissimo art

I’m an independent female artist from Bucharest, Romania and I create unique paintings using a combination of resin, glow in the dark paint or powder, acrylic paint, metal, wood and semi-precious stones or crystals.

I mostly paint in vibrant colours, experimenting with abstracts in different combinations, on stretched canvas, board or glass.
There is no limit to the amalgamations and variations you can create using these materials, resulting in endless expressions of my art, to the taste of my buyers.
Superimposing layer upon layer, texture and colour, I allow my creations to develop as they absorb their shape and beauty.
Every single piece is a living emotion. DSCN9588DSCN9502DSCN9614DSCN9289DSCN9696DSCN9421DSCN937312540803_1559962694327056_6141283655564757868_nDSCN9638DSCN9574DSCN9644DSCN9456DSCN9313