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Dan Knepper Art

Dan Knepper Art.

Dan Knepper was born In Amherst, Ohio in 1961. His mother painted murals on his bedroom walls and window shades, influencing him from his start. He had an early love of nature that has carried through and shows up in his skyscapes, landscapes and western-themed work, but Dan’s goal is to make visual music with the elements of art. … to go beyond merely capturing the subject by focusing on color and the effects of light. He works in oil and watercolor in a realistic style that bridges the gap between classical work and the freshness of plein air and impressionism. 


Dan taught Art for 26 years before transitioning to full-time artist and his career took off quickly. His work has been in Fine Art connoisseur, American Art Collector, Southwest Art, Watercolor Artist, Outdoor Painter, and Professional Artist magazines. He is represented by 6 galleries across the country, and has been a finalist in national and international competitions like the Richeson 75, Plein Air Salon, the Airstream Fine Art Invitaitonal, Southwest Art’s Artistic Excellence and the Artist Magazine’s annual competition. 

This is Ashleigh’s Wish, oil on canvas Glitter, oil on canvas Listening to the Morning, oil on canvas

Mansfield Morning, oil on canvas Mom Left the Tub Running Again, oil on canvas

Morning Kiss,oil  on canvas

Second Chance, Oil on canvas Summertime Dream Oil on Canvas

Transcendence, (My Toes Are Cold) oil on canvas Part of the Montana series.

This is the part where I try, yet again, to get the submission to send while it continues to tell me I have insufficient words… Ah there. .. 76.



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