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The Dancing Food Coloring Droplets

The Dancing Food Coloring Droplets 

Researchers at Stanford published an article in Nature that explore the  attraction found in droplets of  food coloring. The paper is the outcome of experiments that started in 2009. Scientists noticed that drops of food coloring placed on a slide exhibited bizarre behaviors.

Tom Abate explains:

The critical fact was that food coloring is a two-component fluid. In such fluids, two different chemical compounds coexist while retaining separate molecular identities. The droplets in this experiment consisted of two molecular compounds found naturally in food coloring: water and propylene glycol. The researchers discovered how the dynamic interactions of these two molecular components enabled inanimate droplets to mimic some of the behaviors of living cells.

If you really want to understand fluid dynamics and molecular physics, you can read the full paper in Nature and a bit of a summary on Stanford News.


Via (Thisiscolossal.com)