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Daniela Cappiello and rhytimics of colour shades of lines

Every canvas of Daniela Cappiello is intended to deeply investigate the oneric experience by transposing the objetive reality toward a surreal destination, marked by existential traces.

The artistic language of D.C. on one side offers  us a specific and inner universe of apotropaic feeling while on the other it leads us toward a deceptive and of the line lying above reality.

In the pictorial works of D.C. brightness play again a fundamental role from the symbolic and executive point of view shaping the magic landscape, inspired to a dialectical comparison with the Nature and its several forms. The sweet and soft lightconstitutes a strong point in the painting of Cappiello wich is able to lead the mistery of the life, the enigma of the day and the essence of the memory at the height of expression.

Delfini-cm 40x60-olio su tela-2009-Daniela Cappiello

là dove il mare luccica-cm 50x60-olio su tela- 2009-Daniela Cappiello

Daniela Cappiello 02-La Pietà-cm50x70-olio su tela-2013


Il tramonto - cm 60x80 - olio su tela - 2010