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Danijela Pičuljan, ceramics

Nature is my greatest source of inspiration; from there I take organic shapes and form them in clay.

I also like people, observing them and their personalities. I am fascinated by the relationship between
internal and external reality; that dualism between the outside and the inside, the contents and the
form, the feeling and the shape, impression and expression.
The “Insides” opus was based on me asking the question: What is “inside” – what can be found within
the shining armour? Is there only hollow space, or is there some kind of intriguing contents waiting to
be discovered? I break the armour, rush in and present that which is usually unseen to the eye.
In the opus “Opening the Whiteness” and “ Leafing”, I added raw worsted wool to the clay. This
object is my experience of reality… this is meant as a metaphor of our lives. Behind the hard armour
in which we place ourselves to separate ourselves from the outside world, there must exist some kind
of internal warmth and softness, which I attempt to describe using the combination of the two
materials – layers the hard, cold ceramic and the soft, warm wool.
Lately, in my sculptures I have also been adding the hollow- to describe feeling of absence.
Physically, we appear to be here – but our minds, our soul flies who knows where… These are objects
where presence meet absence.

Danijela Piculjan Absence No.2 -2mail