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My name is Darina Georgieva and I am Bulgarian figurative painter.

After graduating the high school of arts in my home town, I moved to study Fine Arts in France and Belgium before ending up doing my Master in Spain where I currently live and create.

My work is all about colors, contrast and overall about emotions. For my paintings I tend to use acrylic paint on canvas. Most of my topic ideas are inspired from photographs that I made or found online or in magazines. Each painting is linked to an emotion that I had at some point in time as my thoughts, concerns and feelings guide

Darina Georgieva-What?!, 2016 Darina Georgieva-Untitled, 2016

Darina Georgieva-Make a Funny Face!, 2016

Darina Georgieva-The Scream, 2015


Darina Georgieva-Inner Anger, 2015

Darina Georgieva-The Box, 2015

Darina Georgieva-The Box, 2015

Darina Georgieva-Untitled, 2016

Darina Georgieva -Vanité, 2014


Darina Georgieva -The Five Stages of Grief - Anger, 2014


Darina Georgieva - The Secret, 2012