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BLACKSSHARK: French Dark Photographer

The dimensions and the time are fixed, it is in the case that the ideas of the Blacksshark.

This dark squale would not be the symbol of tenacious roots-brambles that would want to get entangled at all costs around memories and values, around the world that are treated only by the carriers of any message, especially advertising, the worst of all?

An illustration of a pure artistic project, combining an atmosphere, a certain narration and the possibility of haunting her unusual characters, a work by Mylène would be a much better reflection of the dream. In his most mysterious, beauty or darkness being overwhelmed by the establishment of a single universe in the service of a concept that the photographer chooses and serves with care without departing a second of its sense of timelessness and weird.

Coming from a long line of photographers without having inherited the formation, intolerable cangue for a vital free spirit, she is a person in the water of her models, a snapshot suspended in the air, a mental flash, a poem worthy of xenoglossia. The innate says without calculation, the reflex of a hypersensitivity to the duty of illustration, an understanding beyond mere interpretation, passion in creation.

Guillaume Dumazer
Writer & Editor-in-chief of Nawakulture.fr

Dimensions, time, all is now forgotten, worthless, even derisory … This is, at least, what we might think when facing the photographer Blacksshark’s amazing and instantly recognizable world.
What if those sharp ‘jaws’ were just a symbol of deep bramble-shaped roots willing, by hook or by crook, to wrap around memories and values, or around all those images which today have become means of semi-propaganda, advertising ones being the most despicable of all?
A few words from an illustration of some purely artistic projects, a kind of narrative of the world, by Mylene’s pieces of art. In their most mysterious shape, beauty or darkness are by far the most important of the worlds of the world.

Mental is a proud and free-minded self-taught artist who sets the stage as a person else, creating a world of first impressions through her and customers, call it mental snapshot or ‘xenoglossic’ visual poem. Mylène’s beautiful art should be viewed as a hypersensitive reaction rising from a new illustrative challenge, understanding far beyond simple rendering, pure passion through creation.

Guillaume Dumazer
Writer & Editor on Nawakulture.fr




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