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Dark Sushi Art | Ryuzo Akano Photography

Dark Sushi Art | Ryuzo Akano Photography.

Dark Sushi Art is a project founded by Japanese digital artist RYUZO, to uncover and unfold the unseen by visually connecting our environment, industries, and consumers, facilitating opportunities to re-think what food really means to us.
All food materials are carefully handpicked by the artist and are brought straight from fish markets to the kitchen to maintain freshness.
​Razor-sharp Japanese fish knives and other various Sushi-making tools are used to prepare uncompromising quality of Sashimi slices.
​Time is dedicated to the craft of selecting unique props which include materials such as chains, glass balls, wires, and many other items that have metallic textures and inorganic qualities.

​A utilization of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine techniques, as well as the latest digital image editing technologies are combined to make each presentation distinct and full of impact.

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