David Rice Paintings

David Rice Paintings.

David Rice, artist, illustrator and designer.  Its goal is to showcase the past and current projects he has done for clients as well as his personal work.  Much of David’s work focuses on the themes of nature and its personifying characteristics.  Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, he has a special connection with the outdoors.  David uses the natural landscape and its inhabitants as his primary subject matter.

Revery. David Rice Paintings #artpeople

Melding together an organic style with graphic overlays, his style combines a mixture of the natural world with a geometric presence.  The combination of the organic with the human engineered.  This speaks to how instead of only a natural world existing, or one that is manmade, the two can coexist harmoniously if the dominant party yields to this cohesive existance.  A balance is needed for both parties to survive.

Final Approach.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

Fall.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

Corrected Course.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

Sundown.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

"Roost" 2015.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

MadeInOregon.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

Lake House.David Rice Paintings #artpeople

Passing By.David Rice Paintings #artpeople


David was born in Aspen, Colorado where he lived until he graduated from high school.  He grew up on the ski hill. His dad was a ski instructor and had him on a pair of skis almost before he could walk. Living in Aspen helped David develop a passion for art and the surrounding environment, and spurred his love for the outdoors. After high school David moved to Boulder, Colorado where he received his Bachelors Degree in Studio Art.  His pursuance of art and design has led him from Colorado to San Francisco to Portland, Oregon where he now resides.  David loves to ski, snowboard, hike, climb, and whatever else he can find to do enjoying the beautiful landscape around him.

He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

David Rice Paintings


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