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Day of the doodler

I am an artist from Sydney, Australia, with an out of control habit of buying pens!  I have always loved art and the escape it poses from reality. Even in the hardest times, I have had the release of visualising truths about the world which are sometimes inexplainable through words. My work explores issues specific to me and what I have experienced in life. Specifically, themes of life and death, mentality, the Australian landscape and those who embody it are common themes I deal with. I am intrigued by the fragility of our environment and the interplay between this with our own mortality as humans. I hope you enjoy the snippet of work I have provided from my many doodling adventures and ocean of sketch books!


DSC_0215 (2)

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.44.43 pm IMG_4139 DSC_0744





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