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Daydreamer Fotos

Shiju S. Basheer

Documentary photographer specializing in social and humanitarian issues.

An Indian freelance photojournalist residing in Dubai, I started my journey into the world of photography in 2005 through an online news portal.
Being a self-trained photographer,I draw my inspiration from the enigmatic and magical world around me. Sometimes those are the moments of innocence
personified or moments of sheer beauty or at times, the harsh realities of life. Some faces evoke so much pain, solitude and emptiness.
Such rare moments always tempt me to capture and forever preserve them in their uniqueness. I like to travel extensively and was lucky enough to traverse India
and several countries across Asia such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal and some countries in Europe and Africa.
Usually I choose Pain, Agony, Helplessness and Solitude as my favorite subjects.
Shiju S. Basheer