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Dayi Tofu’s Ink Drawings

Dayi Tofu’s Ink Drawings.

Dayi Tofu graduated from Douglas Anderson School of the Arts as the 2015 class valedictorian and now attends The Cooper Union in Manhattan, New York. Now 19 years old, she has exhibited in multiple galleries and also has varied experience in client-based illustration and design work.

Dayi Tofu's Ink Drawings

Dayi Tofu's Ink Drawings

Dayi Tofu captures beauty and tension through this series of ink drawings. The series was completed during her senior year in high school, and depict her then best friend. Each drawing communicates emotions through the characteristics of lines and movement, using just black and white in on toned paper.

Apart from ink, Dayi has also produced incredible artwork using oil paints and digital tools, and these images can be found through her website. (artistofu.com)

In 10th grade, I found my passion for art and transferred into an arts high school for junior year. I’ve always been an isolated person, so I had no trouble leaving my old high school.

Surprisingly, not only was I able to develop my skills in the following years, but I also found really close friends. I spent my senior year drawing my best friend with black and white ink on toned paper, communicating her emotions through characteristics of her hair and gestures.

More info: artistofu.com