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Daytime Life


I’ll be honest : my language skills are not excellent but, fortunately, art intervenes to my rescue.

Micro Pigment Liner on smooth paper

Silent Forest Sad Fairy Queen Roisin Queen Mab Elementale


Art is an universal language and helps those who can not express themselves in another way. Art allows to express sensations, feelings and thoughts from different cultures without words. It is something that brings people together and helps us to understand situations and feelings beyond what we see. Every art creates a bond and brings sensations and feelings that unite us all, regardless of the language and the place from which it comes. Art is also joy, sharing, pretext to understand each other more. 

When you live comfortably , sometimes, you forget the joy that accompanies each of us in the creation of “something” and the satisfaction that often you look for and not find. Attention is paid especially to the results forgetting the training. Few things are beautiful as a smile born from the ability to imagine something better or from the knowledge of ours creative possibilities. Often we try to get the results not giving importance to the road traveled. In fact , what makes you happy is also the same road that (hopefully) leads people to a result to be proud of.

When you live in bad conditions you think you do not have opportunities or do not have a chance to escape from everyday life too difficult and hard. Sometimes , however, you need a little help to escape reality or understand it with new mood, to find the inner meaning of difficulties and troubles. A person, a stranger, a new friend could be this friendly and cordial help. With my work I would propose myself, my smiles, my skills, my imagination to achieve (through art) that happiness we would like to have.