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Deconstruction Still Lives

My art project consists of 10 photographs, which are unified by the concept of “Deconstructive still lives”.

Mainly based on the principles of collaging, they also represent geometric and abstract approaches of composing. The photographs depict the controversy between composition and decomposition of the objects in still lives. The essential concept of the series is characterised by the notional union of compositionally and symbolically implementing objects. The works’ main aim and conceptual idea is to provoke a different aesthetic effect on lookers’ mind and visual perceptions. 

The fundamental subject of my creative project is associated with experimental exploration of the links between colour, shape, space and geometry in the terms of the still life. Moreover, these major dimensions are also the basis for the most significant modern aspects of art in XX century. I found my main inspiration in Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Abstract art and Bauhaus School.

On one hand, the objects in the photographic collages are selected in such a way, that they serve for a more balanced composition, but on the other hand, they put an effect on the altered essence of the objects. I have aimed for contrasting colourful combinations, which can better express the visual and plastic language of the photographs. Part of the shapes and elements are subjectively selected in terms of colour and composition, because, as the remarkable Wassily Kandinsky said once, The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal.



Composition 1-1

Composition 1-2

Composition 1-3

Composition 1-4

Composition 1-6

Composition 1-8

Composition 1-7