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Denisa Prochazka Figurative Sculpture

Denisa Prochazka Figurative Sculpture.

Denisa Prochazka specializes in the creation of large relief sculptures combining classical and contemporary materials and techniques. Large and imposing while poetic and feminine, Denisa’s art is intended to be spiritually healing and powerful in its symbolic intension. Using clay as the canvas on which she communicates, the artist offers us imagery that is vibrant with mystical and historical elements. Through her work, she offers a very personal look into the necessity to contrast past with present, personal with universal, reality with dream state.

Denisa Prochazka Figurative Sculpture

As the artist states, “I became increasingly aware of my feminine perspective and reflection of the life around me. The need for creation became reinforced with the birth of my own child and the desire to heal, protect and empower. I felt the need to portray feelings, needs and a visual conversation within the sublime. Symbolism transcends the physical into the spiritual realm.
My goal is to bring my art forward to public spaces so that passersby can find peace, beauty and healing connection for a moment in time in their life’s journey.

Denisa Prochazka Figurative Sculpture

Denisa Prochazka Figurative Sculpture

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