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Derek Miller’s Fanstastic Toy Car Art Work!

Derek Miller’s art work is a springboard for commentary on American Culture that he no longer distinguishes as his own.

He grew up around automobiles where vehicles functioned as surrogates for identity, and a state of mind. The automobile was an embodiment of independence and freedom.


Derek Miller’s art work employs the use of toy cars as base materials to provide context in a dialogue between his virtual image and the material. Whereas in life, most people can identify with the symbolism of a car, it’s the ideals of which we are driven that makes us identify with whom we share the road with.

76" x 54"

Red MercuryRed Mercury

On the road of life; you may run low on fuel, or have to change a flat. You may experience bugs in the grill… However, when your windshield can take a pebble from my tire, you may leave this parking lot.

SuburbanAmerican Idol

Most of these parkings have at least 2000 die cast toy cars.

StarSBStar Spangled Banter




HectorHector; Tamer of Horsepower




El DiabloEl Diablo


Derek Miller – Wichita Kansas / United States B.1970

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kansas City Art Institute – 2004


~My art work is a vehicle for exploring perception using stylized abstractions and base materialism to communicate with a global audience.