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Desert Diaries.


In the shadows of being afraid to get consumed by the real world, routine work, and daily city life, one shall escape to the adventure world, to a whole different life even if it would be temporary just to take a break, to think, to appreciate life more and eventually free your own soul and find your true self.Nuweiba 12

Nuweiba 07Through a five-day trip, one may face different situations that could be physical or spiritual or even both. When you decide to get out of the ordinary and do what you used to think it was impossible and make it happen, that’s what ‘free your soul’ means.. To believe that you are capable of achieving what’s beyond your logical mind. All you need to do is to give it a try.

Nuweiba 06It happened in our trip actually, as we went hiking for days.. We got lost, we got stuck in the mud, we went through different paths and new ones for the love of the adventure and we didn’t actually think of what’s next. Surrounded by sand, rocks and mountains where you can’t imagine to find anything else. That’s when we found that beautiful lake originally formed by the accumulated rain showers and had its final place between the rocks for everyone to relish.

Nuweiba 18And it just occurred to me, this could be the same with our life as we choose to go with certain decisions not knowing what would the end of line be like. But at least we know one thing for sure , you won’t get there unless you try new paths and get out of your comfort zone. At the end, you won’t appreciate the destination as much as the path itself. Life isn’t about goals, it’s about how you achieve them and making the best of your journey. After all, that is what’s worth telling.

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