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Design your dress with Thai Arts by PorChorRorGallery

Design your dress with Thai Arts by PorChorRorGallery.

My name is Pochara Archasrai, you can call me Duke if it easier for you.
I’m 29-years-old from Bangkok, Thailand. I’m just someone who loves Art&Craft and keeps doing it every day in the life.

I had inspired by many artists who love fashion, paper art, handcraft, and also Cut out sketch. So, I tried in my own version with my surroundings, my point of view, and my story and I keep do it for nearly 4 years already.

Asia is well-known for Exotic Arts that can bring you to another world another sense of feeling. The reason that I keep doing Cut out Sketch in Thailand is to tell people how beautiful here and sure, as a fabric, costume, and dress.

In this Corona Virus Situation, It’s barely able to go to experiences the travel or to see something different in people’s life. as Bangkok, Thailand is one of many people’s dream destinations. I believe that my artworks can bring joy, happiness, and a little smile to one’s cheek in a depressing situation like this.

These are just some of my artwork but if it’s not enough, please just go check more of them on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Porchorrorgallery  still have much waiting for you to enjoy.

Hope my artwork can bring you a little smile and happiness :)

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