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Destruction/Creation by Chris Slabber

Images of Destruction/Creation by Chris Slabber from A’ Design Award & Competition.

Inspired by the works of Alberto Seveso, I created my own series of paint in water sculptures. These were exhibited at KKNK 2014 at a gallery called Art Karoo.

The idea behind this series was to show that from Destruction comes Creation. As the paint falls there is a constant point of creation, but at the same time it destroys itself.
About Chris Slabber : Chris grew up in the small South African town of Oudtshoorn at the heart of the Klein Karoo. This is where he gained his love for Surrealism and surrounding genres. From a young age Chris was intrigued by the world of fine arts and became a student as soon as possible. At a later age, because of his love for technology, he started to apply his knowledge of fine arts in a more design orientated way. After many years of studying and working as a professional, Chris is known locally for his style in photo manipulation and mixed media illustration work.