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Dharma Myriam Zéramdini

The rantings of my brain that I generously spread in my paintings are animated by a Punk / Grunge universe, but tacitly creepy funny, dark fluorescent tad, making the apology of ecology and vegetarianism, exhibiting hybrid animals often accompanied by spooky women are certainly replicas of an ego who exists only in my subconscious. The world I try to invent is, in my eyes, a larg gathering of outlandish and extravagant characters that would be the making of an imaginary army bulwark against this consumering society of the 21st century and monstrously insatiable. Of course, all this fictious resistance lives in my head, undiscovered, known as the “Realm of Agartha”.

My Deviantart : http://d-m-zeramdini.deviantart.com/

My Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dharma-Myriam-Z%C3%A9ramdini-Artworks/779220675523888?fref=tsuntitled Gai Robin Deena Free Bird untitled Cheshire Cat Captain Panda Cyber-Nuclear Monkey untitled untitled