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Diane Green Painting


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Love Birds Title: Love Birds Acrylic on Canvas 24”Wx30”H

Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.


Keywords: outsider, birds, multicolor, art brut, folk, love, nature

Artist’s Statement

These days I begin paintings with a giant scribble, the same with drawings. No matter how hard I try to make it an abstract it comes to life with an animal a character or monster I never planned to create. It just happens. Sometimes I get along with them. Sometimes I don’t. But we manage to work it out usually.  Most of my painting influences are from other Art Brut, Dubuffet, Philip Guston, Basquiat, Pollack & Picasso inspired artists. I paint in oils & acrylics on canvas, found wood, frames and windows. I create multi-media sketches using pencil, gouache, oil pastel, paint markers on various drawing papers & boards. I use Expressionist, and Neo-Expressionist techniques, sometimes painting directly from the tube, scratching through with the palette knife, drawing in layers, crossing out and repainting. Work comes from sketches, and notes. Spontaneity can wreak havoc on an idea or bring it into a life beyond my wildest dreams. For better or worse, it is just another canvas or page. I can only think of how to make the next one better. ~Diane Green