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Digital Art/Digital painting

Knocking on GOD’s door (The Mercy of GOD)

The mercy of God

Kato Hafez

Kato Hafez Album cover The concept of this design is about a man who is in the deep darkness of corruption and being irritated by a bad community . He is fighting and suffering at the same time from this society. so i took a shot of me looking up, and i used zombies to represent the corruption of that community.

Fly far away Fly Far AwayA passion for the deep sky, a dream of living in another peaceful world without war!.

Last GoodbyeLast GoodbyeThis Artwork is inspired by Last Goodbye music track composed by Ahmed Adel Dessouky and the concept is When your dreams become as poor and dry as a desert.. Only hope can help you row in the sand. Hope is your voice saying good-bye to the desperateness, your way to hit the blue sky leaving all yellow memories behind.

The QueenQueen2A digital painting of a woman that shows the strength, ambiguity and challenge that you can see through her eyes.

C V E N T A S T I CC A V E N T A S T I CAn imagination of an inside cave in the middle of the night.