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Digital painting by Jose Sunday

My works are digital painted, created with computers from start to end, based on improvisation,

they are abstract two dimensional paintings that are later on printed on various support. The majority of work is, at its score, a display of life’s colorful rainbow and form full compositions. A colorful environment that can affect space bay enhancing form in any given time and room. Through my art practice, as well as my designs, this aspect of color is taken into their limits of expression, always looking to reach that point where the works speaks for them self. I hope that this reach the observer in a way that makes it a worthwhile experience.

If only red - Limited Edition 1 of 1

Mezzoforte - Limited Edition 1 of 1

Tinker and Neverland

Narciso`s self portrait - Limited Edition 1 of 1

Hotel maraquesh

Garden party

If only indigo