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Digital paintings on iPad by Adarsh G

Drawing is exercise for a restless ImaginationTim Burton

In this article, I have tried to publish all my Digital works done on iPad, have used Wacom Bamboo FIneline Stylus for doing all these works.
By the way, I am Adarsh G. Right from the age of 3, I had started to put my creativity on paper in the form of drawings. Being inspired by innumero paintings and by life itself, I pursued in my endeavor of creating my own piece of art based on my ideas and vision of things and people that enticed me…each piece of art relating its own story. I have never been professionally trained and have always created my piece of arts solely based on my vision and perception of things i see.

I’m trying to do more works and also teaching people who are interested in digital painting.


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Digital paintings on iPad by Adarsh G