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Digital photographic collages of Jorg Karg

Digital photographic collages of Jorg Karg.

©Jorg Karg | Soft like Gold

©Jorg Karg | Soft like Gold

„The intention behind my digital collages is that the beholder feels addressed immediately, without any further explanation. Therefore I use present-day visual language and techniques to combine it with long established, fundamental rules of painting and drawing.
Our subjective perception is shaped by so many instant influences these days. Modern media affects us immensely, but so does almost forgotten ideas about shapes, colors and expressions of past days. Everything builds on one another and is subconsciously present all the time. All that can be used to move the viewer and create an unexpected personal experience. My own person is irrelevant in this context, what is underlined by the use of a pseudonym.“ JK

©Jorg Karg | Four Seeds Five Flowers ©Jorg Karg | One Mile Light

©Jorg Karg | A Fragile Glow

Jorg Karg | A Fragile Glow

©Jorg Karg | Forever June

Jorg Karg | Forever June

©Jorg Karg | Twentysix Lions

Jorg Karg | Twentysix Lions









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