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In 1987 Graduated from painting department of Gazi Üniversity Education Faculty In 1997 MA. degree, Hacettepe Universty Institute of Social Sciences  In 2001 PhD degree, Hacettepe Universty Institute of Social Sciences.

The member of board of director Ankara agent, UNESCO AIAP National Committee İnternational Association of Arts, Between 1999-2002, The Artist studied as a member of article committee at jurnal of “Anadolu Sanat” between 2001 and 2005. İn addition, he prepared themathic files as an editor. 1999-2001 worked as a lecture at Suleyman Demirel Üniversty, Faculty of Fine He worked as a art director of Anadolu Üniversity Contemporary Art Museum and head of Department of Printmaking.

His a lot of articles, researches and studies about art were published,such as newspaper jurnal and art magazine in Sanat Dünyamız, Sanat Yazıları, Anadolu Sanat, Gençsanat, Türkiye’de Sanat, Artist, Cey Güzel Sanatlar Dergisi, Art & Life, Sanat Çevresi, rh+ sanart, Cumhuriyet, Radikal

At Anadolu Universty Faculty of Fine Arts, he lectures Contemporary Art, History of Printmaking, Engraving, Painting, etc., At the moment he is working  as an professsor at Anadolu Universty Faculty of Fine Art.  http://hayrie

smer.com/en  , https://www.facebook.com

/hayri.esmer  , https://instagram.com/hayriesmerr/10005886_10152381907297988_1160538574079374472_o 10978556_10153054533737988_8386872804902018019_n 11133880_10153223617742988_5699768327124566916_o