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Discover Achraf Baznani’s New Surreal and Poetic Photographs

Achraf Baznani is one of the most inspiring Artistic photographers of the social media, with enormous number of fans and followers from all around the globe.

The young artist-photographer continues to explore different creative paths always carried his dreamlike and surreal scene where he appears regularly as a small character face the elements. Here is a new selection.

During 2014 he completed his “52 Project”, a personnal mission which he committed on taking a picture every week in a row for a year.

Baznani got started in photography by chance. He received a Kodak Ektra compact 250 camera for his birthday as a teen. Baznani is self-taught and has never taken photography classes.

Time Flies

War of the Worlds

The reader

The Daily Show

On the road

Looking for a place with no name

Lost time is never found again

Into the nest