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Discover the songs that the Devil’s plays backwards.

Discover the songs that the Devil’s plays backwards.

You’ve probably heard the legend that the Devil sent messages on songs played backwards. Now, He is the Rock Star of Ubezleb – The Game, released on Rock Day on 91 Rock Radio.

The game is available for smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs.

How it Works?

Belzebu plays the guitar riff of rock classics backwards and players need to guess what is the song. The sooner you find out, the more points you get.

The app has several videos. Belzebu plays the guitar, explaining how the game works, provoking the player after a wrong answer or getting hurt after a hit.

For the release, several artists were invited to visually reproduce the idea of the game, then posters were created with lyrics of songs written in reverse.

The creative concept is from Heads Propaganda, which had several partners to carry out the project. The video production was made by Fantástica Films and Post and features a puppet produced by MiniArt.

The voice was produced by Lua Nova, who was also responsible for the track and for recording dozens of inverted riffs.

The development of the application and all technological part was in charge of Haze.

Advertised brand: 91 Rock

Advert title(s): UBEZLEB – The Game

Headline and copy text (in English): Discover the songs that the Devil’s plays backwards.


Agency: Heads Propaanda;

Creative Director: Fábio Miraglia

Art Director: Marcelo Pupo, Rica Peroza

Copywriter: Bruno Leite

Illustrator: Magma Image, Murilo Viviurka, Alexandre Corrêa, Rica Peroza, Marcelo Pupo, Danilo Nagami.

Additional credits: Fantástica Filmes, Mineart, Lua Nova, Haze

Published: July, 2017



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