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Disintegration | Nicole Cordonier

Disintegration | Nicole Cordonier.

There is nothing premeditated concerning my art, save for the procuring of the paint and canvas and preparing the floor. Its entirety unfolds as the varying tools of application are unconsciously directed by my hand. The outcome is a mere depiction of sorrow, nurturing, love and intuition, depletion, surrender, suffering and unlitmately my sentiment and observations of humanity. Artistically, painting for me is an attempt to soothe my soul, while recognising, unveiling, and ultimately celebrating others.

ROSES IN THE VINEYARD.Disintegration | Nicole Cordonier

The artist presents an interpretation of society through the feelings of pain and the fractured sense self that she has absorbed from others that she has worked and interacted with; confused in perceived helplessness and hopelessness, in the alienation of predictability, stability and therefore the known, of even themselves.

Disintegration | Nicole Cordonier


The child recognises the sinister narcissistic aspect of the man crushing the duck at its neck and tries to save it with her hand outstretched; her mother pulls the child’s hand away, sickened by the man’s futile attempts to charm her under his crocodile head as he is unable to free himself from his real character in any guise. He attempts with one hand by his face to hide his reality, but the shadows of his past victims keep coming to the fore.








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