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disney characters in my shattered unique style of tiny dots

My art is simply my heart my thoughts and all my hidden secrets. I illustrate how i feel into these pale papers creating what others see as art & i veiw as my inside stories. Behind every sketch is a story. Most my sketches are in disney characters because connect into my childhood. I created this new unique shatter style which is my signature style. I illustrate the character by tiny ink dots that gather into shaping the character. From a distance you can see its an ordinary art but when you come closer its just like shattered into a million small dots. I am have a severe phobia from alot of moving things. I get nervous over the lamest things. That how i feel inside that everything is shattered am all over the place. So i draw these to represent what the universe is to me. Just a shattered stars in a dark cold place we call home. image image image image