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Distances Project – Roberto Ballini Portfolio

“Distances” project is a research for a non-linear spatial representation (the images represent pieces of a story that can be “arranged” from time to time in a different way and not depend on a chronological structure) of psychic and metaphysical forces that arise between life and death (Death is not necessarily intended as physical transition).

The concept of distance, being it the space between two places, things, people or the time interval between two events, seeks for a form-container in which to settle and recover their identity, whether it be on the surface or in a depth of shade.

Objects and landscapes that bind to elementary symbolism: crosses, trees, plants and graphic patterns of light are the way between the human and the divine.
The horizon could be a point of contact and at the same time as an element of separation: the separation takes place in the world around us just because within each of us there is already a piece of that distance.

This serie is the attempt to find a place of silent dialogue that is not exclusive to the death but not,at the same time, fully in the vital sphere of our earthly existence.

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Roberto is a Piedmont-Tuscany  based Freelance Photographer.
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