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Dominki was born in 1981 in Rzeszow, Poland. He graduated Graphic Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts & defended his thesis on “Deformation of the Human Body in Modern Art” guided by professor Andrzej Wiecławski.10463058_874531092602341_3023651254582967713_n 10801761_785783151477136_7839652200872154415_n 10926440_788361341219317_1785663107450232237_n 10997359_803869869668464_5718392147819964349_o 11146231_822641897791261_362422590625406498_n 11149455_827844613937656_7451377995695350341_n 11150352_836626873059430_2812585842606288832_n 11406699_851985091523608_6925679249360302608_n 11659219_863755050346612_3968357293012767438_n10418444_791587717563346_5871447970900178756_n10982195_838043072917810_8115978579110306994_n1008415_517046305017490_182470402_o (1)


Born in 1981, graduated Graphic Design at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

Cooperates with WASOWSCY publishing house (book illustration), with ‘Nowa Okolica Poetow’ magazine (press illustration) as well as with fashion designers, retailers and fashion dedicated bloggs (TATUUM, RESERVED, Buro24/7, Confashions Kuwait, MIMA Bags Maciej Muszynski), his art works are shown in a few stationary exhibitions (QUADRILLION Art Gallery, The YARD Gallery in Holywood, Northern Ireland, AMARISTO Przy Teatrze Gallery in The National Theatre in Warsaw, Van Rij Gallery in Cmielow).
Performed live art at the VIP opening of the biggest RESERVED store in Europe, Moscow, representing Poland.
Supports various charity auctions (Annual Forbes Magazine Charity Auction, brest cancer related events).
Member of ‘Proud to be Polish’ foundation, promoting Polish art and culture around the world.

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