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Don Julio 1942 by Jerry Cave

Don Julio is number eight of the series “My Favorite Tequilas,” It includes a bottle of Don Julio 1942

(which is a splendid sipping Tequila,) a bottle of Dos Equis lager (one of my personal favorites,) a Cuban Cohiba burning in an ashtray, and a beautiful glass of the Tequila waiting to be sipped. “Don Julio 1942″ is 24″ x 36” (61cm x 92cm) acrylic on canvas. I chose a totally black background to highlight the elements of this painting, and create an elegant look rather than making it more complex. This was my first attempt at painting smoke, which took some studying.

“I began drawing when I was very young. My mother was very artistic, so I probably got that gene from her. I grew up in Des Moines, Iowa, and much of my education was in art. From sixth grade on, I loved art in school, and I was fortunate to attend Des Moines Technical High School which had an extensive, very focused, art program.

I greatly enjoy studying other artists’ work, and could spend days in art galleries. I don’t know that any artist is ever 100% satisfied with their work, and I continually try to improve with every painting I do. Currently, I’m enjoying painting with acrylics, which are a bit challenging as they tend to dry very quickly. However, I like their water-solubility, and I think I’ve pretty much figured them out.”

Don Julio Los Abuelos


Don Julio Noble

Don Julio

Don Julio

DeleonDon Julio