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Dori Shasha Pop Art

Dori Shasha Pop Art

My creative process is a personal process in which I give a slightly different interpretation from the point of view of the subject depicted in the picture. If these are people, the feeling of giving is an important part of the creative process. For me, the creator of the picture is created for a person and a person, The person who receives the picture) will love the picture, the details that appear in the composition of the picture will be part of the person’s essence and performance, in most cases only the person himself and people who know and cherish him and his work will understand these details.
Each person has a variety of aspects in which he is manifested during his life, profession, personal relationships, hobbies and more, personal photography or personal portrait painting does not necessarily reflect the variety of these parties,
In my paintings I try to combine and reflect these aspects as well and in a charming way it also works.
You are welcome to visit the gallery page of this site and view a variety of rich and interesting paintings that tell differently such stories and others.

Dori Shasha Pop Art

Portrait image from an other view, ispired by the singe Sir Rod Stewart

Dori Shasha Pop Art Dori Shasha Pop Art



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